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Pickering Beach, an official horseshoe crab sanctuary

39°8'12.68"N  75°24'32.87"W

Pickering Beach, DE 19901

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Pickering Beach is an official sanctuary for horseshoe crabs. This is the state marine animal of Delaware and a "signature species" of the Delaware Bay estuary.

Take a long flight down Pickering Beach in this drone video on YouTube:

Visitors are welcome to watch as these harmless animals swarm the beach while spawning in May and June. All we ask is that you maintain a safe distance from all wildlife to ensure they are not disturbed; that is, unless you see a horseshoe crab stranded on its back. If that's the case, we ask that you please "just flip 'em." Check out this music video to see how:

Don't forget to bring your binoculars, camera, or spotting scope if you visit. Anytime horseshoe crabs spawn they attract a variety of shorebirds seeking to eat their eggs.

Photo by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

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